welcome to the questions page! here i answer some basic questions about me and the site

who ARE you?

my name's riley ! i'm pretty new to html nd css as of jan 2021 but i'm learning pretty fast

what's the website actually meant to be?

this site was meant to be a cutesy little cyber net, pixel art pet adoption thing but it's kinda also a big fat mess of other things, but i don't mind so whateverz

how do i add the cyber pets/babes to my site?

to add a cyber pet or babe to ur site you'll need to save the image, or copy the link, and put it in with a "src=img" tag. there r a lot of tutorials out there on how to add images to your html sites.

will the livechat page ever really be a livechat?


what's with the weird .txt pages?

idk rlly they just kinda exist !

how can i contact you?

email me

wtf is a lifecode and what does it do

a lifecode is a randomly generated 6 digit number to identify different pets...EVEN THOUGH they already look different and i could've just given them names...and i ALSO could've just numbered them like 1, 2, 3 but lifecodes r more fun !!! they do completely nothing for the pets they're pretty much just a name before you name it whatever u want